We live in paradise,
              But we don’t know it

   We live in paradise,
              But we constantly destroy it.” Hundertwasser

The creation of the Hundertwasser Park constitutes the essential precondition for the establishment of a Hundertwasser visitor centre in the Bay of Islands. It is conveniently located next to the Hundertwasser toilets in the middle of town and can be accessed through a small passage way on the left side of the toilets as well as a driveway off the main road.

Placing the planned visitor and learning centre in the middle of a park-like setting, will give visitors an opportunity to experience some of the 'magic' Hundertwasser treasured so much at his home in Kaurinui. He lived there surrounded by trees, waterways and humble, simple buildings.

A model of the visitor centre within the Hundertwasser Park.

The creation of such an environment will open opportunities for education and contemplation, thought, learning, and calmness of heart; man in harmony with nature.
The Kawakawa Hundertwasser Park Management Plan was established in 2011 by the Hundertwasser Park Trust. 


Its aim is to act as information and communication vehicle and give interested parties and individuals the opportunity to
get a deeper understanding for the reasons behind the creation of the park.

It builds on the objectives of the Kawakawa Strategy 2000 document and outlines future plans for landscaping, planting, the construction of walkways.

“The products of human activity have got
out of tune with nature. A piece of music often fails dismally to stand the test of comparison with the murmur of a waterfall
or a bird's chirping. My pictures will only survive if they can stand comparison with a piece of turf or a tree.”

Hundertwasser's Bottle house
Photo courtesy of The Northern Advocate

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