"The straight line is a heathen, immoral thing. The straight line is a reproductive and not a creative line. Neither god nor the spirit of humanity resides in it, but rather a brainless, ant like collectivism which makes a fetish of convenience."

Hundertwasser quoted in the Northern Advocate 26th Feb 2000

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The Kawakawa Hundertwasser Park Charitable Trust would like to thank the following people
for providing images for this gallery; 1. Thomas Lauterbach, 2. anon, 3. Johnson Davis, 4.Thomas Lauterbach, 5. Geof Wilson, 6. Matt Morelli, 7. Lyndon Johnson, 8. J.Reisinger, 9. J.Reisinger, 10. Matt Morelli, 11. P and H flickr, 12. Thomas Lauterbach.

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