Friedensreich Hundertwasser's death in February 2000, brought a group  of passionate citizens together, to form eventually the Kawakawa Hundertwasser Park Charitable Trust.

Its aim is to preserve and safeguard the memories and legacy of Hundertwasser's New Zealand heritage,  in particular his prominence  in the Kawakawa history.

Part of this 'bequest' is to keep alive Hundertwasser's true and profound connection to the people. There is much focus on Hundertwasser's wonderful art and architecture, but very little is known and shared about his thoughts and philosophies 'hoatu ki te tangata' (for the people). Hundertwasser was well known to the people in his neighbourhood and established deep friendships  in the Bay of Islands.

Yet Hundertwasser was a very private person and  this should be honoured. His inspirational genius affected many.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser's toilets at Kawakawa

The Trust intends to keep Hundertwasser's spirit alive at the place he had chosen to live and empower future generations to benefit from Hundertwassers philosophy.

The gift he left to us New Zealanders and visitors from other parts of the world, are not just the toilets...but the spirit of passionate environmentalism and his strong message to protect and conserve nature.

The Trust acts as guardian of the toilets and is in the process of creating the Hundertwasser park to the rear side of the Toilets. It is further planned to build a visitor and information centre where visitors to the Bay of Islands can learn about Hundertwasser and his strong connection to Kawakawa and the area he had chosen as his 'second Heimat'.

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